Friday, September 17, 2010

Cell Phone Jammers - Should the Public Have the Right to Own and Use?

by Paul Peters

I think that people have the right to jam cell phone signals in certain conditions. Now this may be against you're personal belief but do you really want to sit next to that person in the movie theaters that is talking on their phone the whole time ruining your experience of the show. I would say that you wouldn't. Now on the other side do you want so many people making portable ones that you can't get a cell phone call off in New York City.

The first thing that would have to be implemented would be the restrictions for people. Now one of the main implications would be that the majority of the jammers would have to be stationary. These stationary jammers would have to be staying on there own property and not leaking over to another's property. I mean who would want to not be able to use a cell phone in their own home. That would just purely annoying. If the jammers stay on the persons property I honestly don't see a problem with it.

Now that they have some simple rule you'll have quite a few benefits. Some of these include that schools wouldn't have to worry about having cheating with cell phones. Although some school do allow cell phone before and after school they have serious problems with implementing the rules. If there was a cell phone jammer then they would have no problem at all. You wouldn't have to worry about the students using high tones as their ring tone so that they can here it but you can't. So that's just one of the benefits of having a cell phone jammer.

Another reason would be that in some house holds people have problems with their kids going on the cell phone and texting all of their friends during the night. Now if you had a cell phone jammer that wouldn't be a problem. You could have it turn on at 11 or whatever time that you wanted and shut off at 4 or whatever time you need to use your cell phone. This is a totally harmless way of restraining your children from just taking over the house and doing whatever they want.

There are many people that oppose this and say that they need their cell phones on 24/7 encase if there is anything that happens. The only thing is what did we used to do about 20 years ago when there wasn't cell phones yet. The answer would be that we got along fine. Many people still don't have cell phones, so you don't really NEED a cell phone. Although it is a very useful advance in technology, it isn't a necessity at all. We can deal without cellphones every once in a while.

phone jammer

In conclusion I think that people whould have the right to have cell phone jammers on their own property if they so choose. People need to learn to deal without having the ability to text anyone at anytime distracting them from reacting with real people every once in a while.

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